Primewest Advantage

We are an asset manager with a proven track record selectively seeking investments in properties that have been identified as having the potential to add value.  We are confident in buying assets that others may not and by being particular about what we buy gives rise to attractive, value adding acquisitions.

Our Executive Team has a potent combination of acute perceptive ability and a deep knowledge base drawn from over 100 years shared experience. This has created in us an intuitiveness often resulting in acquisitions that outstrip initial performance expectations thereby adding considerably more value to the investment.

Our skill and experience is across a broad range of property investments including shopping centres, large format retail, offices, industrial , land subdivisions and and tourism.

Sharing the risk

An intrinsic feature behind our success has been the commitment of the Directors to co-invest. The Directors’ willingness to co-invest is a crucial point of difference between us and other investment groups.

This is cause for confidence among syndicate investors and underpins the focus on long-term capital growth with ongoing strategic and proactive asset management.

The decision making rigour remains as robust as the day of the Director’s first deal.

Quarantining the Risk

Every acquisition is siloed within a stand-alone structure to protect our clients against any unforseen risk that may adversely affect the returns generated by other property investments.

This prudent approach ensures that we are in a position to act quickly and decisively to capitalise on new opportunities as they arise.