We provide investment opportunities to sophisticated investors who are committed to long term, cautious investment strategies. We place Investors in the commercial property market without the hassle of sole ownership. Our Investors are able to take advantage of our pro-active asset management team, ensuring they receive the best returns on each property. As a low volume, high value investment company we are highly selective of our acquisitions.

Our excellent track record since 1994 can be attributed to:

  • A surgical approach to pulling deals apart
  • Striving to always outperform competitors
  • Always buying where there is opportunity to add value
  • Pro-active asset management team

Recent developments

Returns on property investments improved significantly following the Global Financial Crisis, (GFC) with rental growth remaining strong in most markets and as a result distributable returns have improved considerably.

There have been many rewarding opportunities for those with equity and we have mobilised structures and capital to capture these opportunities and are actively seeking more.